Code: 2SKB - 5009

Double Rifle Transport Case

The 5009 is capable of accomodating two rifles with SKB's trademarked "Bunk Bed" storage system with foam dividers that provide a separate compartment to protect the two rifles.


Code: 2SKB - 5014

ATA Bow/Rifle Transport 


The Bow/Rifle transport case is made to ATA 300 Category 1 specifications which is the highest shipping container specifications of the ATA.


Code: 2SKB-4900

Single Rifle Transport Case

A Popular seller!


This ribbed SKB ATA Case is moulded from ultra high molecular weight Polythylene, the material specified by the U.S. Military for cases and containers which must withstand the toughest field conditions!


Code: 3i-4909-SR

iSeries 4909 Single Rifle Case

The 3i-4909-SR Single Rifle case holds scoped rifles up to 49" long and is part of the iSeries waterproof case line. 


Code: 2SKB - 4009

Short Double Rifle Case

The 2SKB-4009 is designed for two short rifles and features SKB's unique Perfect Match Valance Bending System for a perfect seal.


Code: 2SKB-3209B

Break-Down Shotgun Case

The 2SKB-3209B Breakdown Shotgun Case features an attache style HDPE shell that accommodates barrels up to 30" (75cms). The 2SKB-3209B Standard Breakdown Shotgun Case features SKB's unique Perfect Match Valance Bending System for a perfect seal.


Code: 3i-4719-DB

The 3i-4719-DB Double Bow Case offers the maximum in protection for two of the wider parallel limb bows, a bow/rifle combo or two rifles. This case can accommodate rifles up to 46" (115cms) long and has a rigid foam bunk-bed system for protection.

iSeries Double Bow Case


Custom Single Pistol Case

The iSeries 1209 Custom Single Pistol Case is a custom waterproof case designed to fit a single pistol along with accessories.

Code: 3i-1209-SP


Code: 3i-5616-9B-L

iSeries 5616-9 Long Gun / Utility Case

The iSeries 5616-9 Waterproof Utility Cases are molded of ultra high-strength polypropylene copolymer resin, featuring a gasket-sealed, water and dust tight, submersible design (MIL-C-4150J). The 5616-9 also incorporates .......