Space Saver Staff Golf Cases

If space is a bit of an issue for you we might have a good solution.


The rotationally molded Standard Space Saver Golf Case is a “top loader" which offers convenient slide-in cap design. The countours create maximum tubular strength and will accomodate drivers up to 125cm or 50" in length and has a 42.5cm or 17" diameter to hold a staff bag.


With a molded-in carrying handle, foot well to anchor the case while loading and unloading clubs, roller blade style wheels, a convenient molded unbreakable tow handle the case is easy to handle and lockable with your own padlock.


When not in use the 2SKB-R5017W Space Saver Case stores with the top inverted in the base to effectively halve its size and comes with a Limited 5 year Manufacturer's warranty.


As with other cases, the TSA locking latch allows airport security personnel to safely unlock, inspect, then securely relock your case.


Price: $406.00 (including GST) with free delivery.


Please note: Delivery is free Australia wide.



Code: SKB 2SKB-R5017W