Code: 2skb-4814W


SKB ATA Deluxe Golf 

Travel Cases

If you're a standard golfer with 

a standard golf bag who likes 

the idea of military-grade 

protection for your clubs, then 

this is the case for you.


Code: 2SKB-1649W

SKB ATA Deluxe Staff


If you have a slightly larger "staff" golf bag then this case has been designed specifically for you.


Code: 2SKB - 4812WS

SKB ATA Standard Golf 

Travel Case

Respresenting incredible value, the ATA Standard Golf Travel Case is suitable for those wanting a slightly smaller but every bit as robust travel hard case.


Code: 2SKB - 5020W

SKB ATA Double Golf

Travel Case

For those who just can't get enough space, the ATA Double Golf Travel Case is designed to accommodate two standard sets of clubs, or a staff bag along with other precious items such as shoes, clothes and anything else you might need on that golfing getaway.



Code: 2SKB - R5017W

Space Saver Staff Golf 


If space is a bit of an issue for you we might have a good solution.


Code: 2SKB-R4916W

Space Saver 4916 Golf

Travel Case

The Space Saver 4916 Staff Golf Travel Case combines the durable, efficient construction with a value that price conscious customers can appreciate and is slightly smaller than our 2SKB-R5017W case



Code: 2SKB-RSC

Sunday Golf Travel Case

The Roto Sunday Golf Travel Case is a lightweight, airline travel safe and ready solution to transport your favorite clubs.